Mercedes Bellido

Flowers, fortune and death

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€120.00 EUR


One of the well-known still lifes made by the artist Mercedes Bellido is her first silkscreen for Gunter Gallery. It is an edition signed and numbered by the artist, where she uses common elements in her work. From the vegetation - "a bouquet of flowers destined to wither" - to a false coral snake that despite not being poisonous is equally feared, tarot cards - "symbolize omens of the future" - and her omnipresent skull - "the most identifiable and literal element of death "-. Because, precisely with this work, the artist try "to remember the transience of life and the importance of enjoying it before it is consumed." This vanitas (a life-and-death still life that became famous during the Baroque) is a sublime artwork, inspiring and simple in its composition that seeks the vital balance of the one who owns it.

Silkscreen 4 inks on Cansom Edition 320 g paper.

Size: 47 x 35 cm

Series of 50 units signed by the artist.

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