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€220.00 EUR


It was November 2104, in Lima (Peru), when this artwork, that means so much for the artistic collective BoaMistura, arose. "This piece is a legacy of our support to the environmental organizations and indigenous communities that gathered in that city for the world summit on climate change," the artists comment. The message of this artwork, like all the messages they want to shout through their work, talks about that, about the future: "The future we all are building and we must do it with creativity, struggle and awareness, from the respect for the Earth that shelters us and its multiculturality. The actions we are responsible for today, may be the seed from which the change springs".

Silk screen 3 ink on Magnani Incisioni Ivory 300g paper.

Size: 70 x 50 cm. 

Series of 50 units signed by the artist.

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