Colectivo BoamisturaCreative group born in Madrid at the end of 2001 composed by the artists: Javier Serrano, Juan Jaume, Pablo Ferreiro y Pablo Purón, helped by their team forms by Clara González, Diego Vicente y Pablo Mena. A group of creators who work as one and are, at the moment, the most international Spanish urban art crew.

Their art is developed in diverse fields, from the latest evolutionary graffiti trends and mural street painting to illustration, graphic design, and collaborating with architects.

One of their most internationally recognized pieces is “Die Umamung” (The Hug), a great façade which they did in Berlin honouring the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2009. They also received critical acclaim such as their Latino Grammy nomination for best design of the year in 2010 for “Chambao en el fin del mundo” (Chambao at the end of the world).

Since 2010 they have been developing their “CROSSROADS” project of participatory urban art which has brought them to the townships of South Africa, the Brazilian favelas, the 'El Chorrillo' barrio in Panama… They have also work in México, Algeria, Malabo, Mexico, Belgrade, Chile, Paraguay…

In Madrid they carried out the biggest display of urban art in Spain, 4,800m2, in the 'Mercado de la Cebada' and internationally have participated in the Biennale of Urbanism in Shen Zhen (2017) or the Biennale of Muralismo de Cali (2016), among others.

They have showed their work in contemporary art centres such as the Queen Sofia National Art Museum, CAC Málaga (Spain), La Casa Encendida in Madrid, the DA2 Museum at Salamanca (Spain), Weltmuseum in Wein or MAXXI Contemporary Art Museum in Rome.

Among other projects, currently they give advice in the Área de Paisaje Urbano of the Madrid City Hall in a collaborative way of work. | @boamistura