Fire Walk With Me

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€280.00 EUR


On a Maíllo canvas, objects splash and vomit on each other, almost without order, but from them an ensemble of outsider aesthetic is gained, ugliness and unyielding sentiments towards a crisis which pushes everyone to who knows where. This piece forms part of a series inspired by the symbiosis which the artist makes from the work of Miles Davis and David Lynch. Saturated and enamelled colours which could appear in the work of a film-maker, the movement and electricity of Davis. In the middle of this, we find this work, where ‘fire walk with me’, or the same thing where chaos installs itself in the conscience and triumphs.

Silk screen 4 inks on Canton Edition White 290g paper.

Size: 55 x 60 cm. 

Series of 20 units signed by the artist.

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