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€120.00 EUR


A gramophone by the sea. Dance. Jazz music. To kump into the water... "The jumps are scary, but the more you jump, the more you want to do it again," says the artist. This artwork represents a jump and is the capture of an ephemeral and fleeting moment. Enjoy the moment, we are nostalgic of this carpe diem even if we have not lived it. Where does this swimmer jump from? Where does she dive? It doesn't matter, only the jump matters. “I like swimming and the image of bathers. It is simple and elegant. Humans summed up in a swimsuit, a swimhat. The simplified human being, the silhouette of our bodies. There is nothing more true than to see you naked moving in the water”.

* Series intervened one by one by the artist.

Silk screen 1 ink on Magnani Incisione Ultra White 300g paper.

Size: 75 x 50 cm. 

Series of 30 units signed by the artist.

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