Javier Mariscal


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€800.00 EUR


An 'opus magnum', which takes up a lot of space in the living room or above your bed. For us, who love architecture, it's fascinating to see how Mariscal reinterprets it through his curvilinear and austere strokes, like this ‘skyline’ it comes through under his brush with the sobriety of simplicity and everydayness interrupted by the artist. It could well be the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Nueva York, it could well be any city in the world, what enamours us with this piece is Mariscal's stamp which is impressed upon every profile of every skyscraper.

Silk screen 1 ink on paper.

Size: 106 x 78 cm.

Series of 40 units signed by the artist.


*Artwork produced by the studio specialized in silkscreens, Hola Por Qué.

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