Aitor Saraiba

In love

| Aitor Saraiba | Art | Illustrators | Silk Screens |

€90.00 EUR


Love. Always love. Whoever knows the works of Aitor Saraiba well knows that this evil or this human gift constantly appears and disappears in his work. A thousand ways, with a thousand resources. This is the silk screen series of one of his now classic drawings which he tells us “talks about two people that love each other and don't know it”. And meanwhile, the folds of hair intertwine, perhaps without the two protagonists knowing it, because at times it isn't known how to keep love alive.

Silk screen 1 ink on handmade 100% recycled cotton paper from South India 320g. 

Size: 30 x 30 cm. 

Series of 40 units signed by the artist.

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