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We are hunters + We are art hunters


We ‘hunt’ the artists we like and we bring them to our lair. We're a different type of art gallery, which produces its own work, helping the artists to create, which believes in an exclusive, limited, and unique way of making art editions. Internet is our media, although at times we go out on to the street so that our collectors can see all our pieces face to face which moreover are already part of their imaginarium.

Marta Fernández

A graduate in journalism who also studied Online Communication Marketing in London. She also has the honour of having been painted by our artist Iván Solbes and it's she that will respond to any of your questions about our gallery.

Amalio Gaitero

His other partners have been telling him that he should be the next artist invited to participate in Gunter for a long time, but he prefers to carry out all the production processes for the works of Art hands on. He's an addict of strange papers and his frames for some artworks are at some museums.

Mario Suárez

A journalist that publish books and articles in mainstream Spanish media and who also doubles as an urban art and illustration curator. It's he who is responsible for spoiling, choosing, and bringing our artists out for drinks. His objective is to get Ricardo Cavolo to paint him properly.  



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