Uriginal artwork

An urban artist who works with colour and geometry between pop heritage and the kaleidoscopic inspiration of Gaudi's mosaics. He'll be seen mainly in the public spaces of Barcelona, although he has worked together on displays in places such as the Itinerrance gallery (París) and Base Elements (Barcelona).

His iconography goes from the reinvention of Marvel Comics heroes to flamenco and street icons from the streets of Barcelona.

He defines himself thus in an ironic way: “Uri is the son of a matador from high Ampurdán and a florist from the Ramblas of Barcelona. His dream from childhood has been to become the national King of paella. After long stints in Africa, he specializes in anchovy stuffed squid, a dish which he decided to bring back to his homeland, setting up his first restaurant in Banyoles in 1992. The popularity of the dish grew and without the possibility of satisfying the ever increasing demand for squid he had the brilliant idea to dissect a tribesman and send it to the catalan public “ben farcit d´anxoa” (stuffed full of anchovies). This act was so moving for the locality that they named him president of the shire and decided to place the piece in the museum, without eating him of course.

Since then Uri creates his paintings during the council minutes and sessions which he attends. Apart from being the father of the `Black Bushman of Banyoles´ he also has a little CCC guitar course going and a strong attraction for cooking with a blowtorch”.

www.uriginal.com | @uriginalbcn