Toni Ferrer

Toni Ferrer picture

He is plastic artist who combines his studies of drawing and painting with Mathematics at the University, which make his creations to circulate with harmony and order between geometry and parallelism.

Toni Ferrer (Barcelona, 1980) lived for a while in Auckland (New Zealand) where he began his research with wood as his main material. There he created his first three-dimensional compositions in wood and paintings at different levels with Constructivism as the main source of inspiration. "My work uses a language of only two elements, two signs through which all words are articulated: color and form." These two elements, and the communication he establish between them, generate liberating units in his painting. “I try to update those old new avant-gardes by adding an extra dimension, freeing her from some of her corsets,” he confirms.

 His work has been exhibited in Madrid (Spain), Tallin (Estonia) or Auckland (New Zealand), and he has artworks in private collections in the United States, Australia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates or Denmark. His work has been published on numerous occasions in magazines such as Architectural Digest or Vogue Spain. 

He was the winner of the Gunter Gallery Art Hunter contest in 2020, with his work ‘Mousetrap n / 01’. @ferrer_toni