Sr García logoA gentleman, of course. Sr. Garcia is the pseudonym of an illustrator, designer and "observer", one of the key names of the collage technique in Spain, named and praised by a large number of fans. He chose the surname Garcia for "random, smiles and a simple scissors." And those scissors are what led him to publish in the media as Corriere della Sera, South Journal, the Weekly Country, Cambio 16, Esquire, Libero or Expansion. He has edited several books and his work has been exhibited individually and collectively from Madrid to New York.

Once someone told about him that was a cross between the Decapitator Queen of Hearts and Dr. Frankenstein, but the fact is that the work of Sr. Garcia is graphic poetry, is stronghold of feelings and emotions, is the purity of the details and the pulse in his artistic vision of life. Part of the Society Collage of Madrid, he himself is scissors, blades, paper, old magazines and glue.

Some believe that we are mad but we are proud to have created the first silkscreen mix with collage, signed and numbered, which makes each piece unique, finished by hand by Sr. Garcia himself. | @elsrgarcia