Paula Bonet

Portrait Paula Bonet

She is the great new phenomenon of illustration in Spain. A creator who has hundreds of thousands of followers around the world and whose pictorial line has already created a school among new generations. Paula Bonet (Vila-real, Valencia, 1980) studied Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Her professional path started with oils but soon she decided to do illustrations, almost always with watercolours and sketches, and from there to now, where she is a point of reference for her sector, having a piece of hers chosen as the image for an international exhibition, 'Spanish illustrators. The colour of optimism', of the AECID, which has passed through Berlin and Frankfurt.

Her work has appeared in Diari Ara, El País, Revista Kireei, Revista Calle 20, Ling, ESCAC, RACC, and  Caràcters, among others. Furthermore, she has worked with brands such as Nike, Médicines Sans Frontières, and Absolut Vodka. She has made illustrations and staging for the musical “T’estimo, ets perfecte, ja et canviaré” directed by Elisenda Roca, as well as the play “La Carnisseria” by Marta Solé, the typography for the image for “Animals de Companyia” by Estel Solé, illustrations for the English musician Jacko Hooper, for Baden Baden from France, for the Catalan Inspira, and for the singer Christina Rosenvinge.

In 2014 she published her first graphic novel ‘Qué hacer cuando en la pantalla aparece THE END’ (published by Lunwerg), where she brings together 40 short stories in which her reflexive, sensual, and critical thinking women move around.