Mr. Penfold

Mr. Penfold, also known as Tim Gresham, is a multidisciplinary artist from Cambridge (United Kingdom), with a relevant weight in muralism and graphic design.

Strongly influenced by the graphics of the skateboarding world and street art since he was a teenager, he has developed a different and fun approach to abstract art over the years. To create this aesthetic, the artist, who lives in Bristol, has done an abstraction  job of his graffiti characters: "I started to separate the characters and focus on their elements: eyes, nose, mouth…" he explains. “With these pieces I began to create a library of shapes that I would use to make abstract paintings. Over the years, these characters’ elements have disappeared and now my work is practically only shapes and colors”. His shapes and his palette look like a postmodern version of a sequence from the TV series 'Saved by the Bell', a definitive nod to the eighties. Also influenced by the computer world and airbrushing, he confesses himself a follower of artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi, Claes Oldenburg and Patrick Caulfield, and, of course, of his father, who has been a printer for more 40 years.

His work has been claimed by international firms such as Smirnoff or Microsoft, and he is a regular on London's 'underground' gallery circuit.