Miguel Brieva

With his style based on early advertising of the 50's and 60's we were convinced to have a sketcher and graphic humourist with vintage on our catalogue.

Brieva (Sevilla, 1974) is the author of a multitude of books and has regularly worked with publications such as El Jueves, La Vanguardia, Periódico Diagonal, El País, Rolling Stone, Ajoblanco, Qué Leer, Mondo Bruto, NSLM, Recto, Tos, Freek, Nervi, and la Gacetilla Parroquial de Nuestro Señor San Esteban Protomártir.

We like his vision of consumerism, his macabre drawings, his irreverance, and his political sense of art and sketch. He is nostalgic, it's easy to see, but he's also a dreamer without compare, and for that we really want to see him in any performance he does with his music group. Because Art and music also go hand in hand.