Eyesores portrait

A monstruous world, a pop-based imaginarium full of irony. This is Eyesores, the universe created by the Spanish artist Xavier Gallego. He grew up illustrating monsters from his jotter but never thought that this hobby would become a way of life and bring him around the world.

Xavier worked as Director of Multimedia and Design in an advertising agency in Barcelona. He created an application on Facebook where people could exchange his drawings with messages. His monsters soon became an easy and direct way of communicating across the net, and in a short time his drawings had crossed to the other side of the Atlantic.

He now lives in New York and works as the creative director for R/GA, an American multi-national for in interactive advertising, working with clients such as Nike and Samsung. He’s still creating monsters because he believes that the net is the most democratic way of showing his artistic side, which has thousands of followers around the world.

He has exhibited individually in the Istanbul Gallery (Turkey) in 2010, and in July 2014 he gave his first individual display in New York, in the SPREADhouse gallery.

Eyesores is influenced by graffiti, minimalist illustration, and childish comics but blasts out ironic and direct messages, some of which are only apt for adults. In joining Gunter Gallery, we rescue the prodigal son, a Spanish illustrator who first triumphed away from Spain and who now wants to fill your living room with his monsters.