Elisa Talentino

Elisa Talentino was born in Ivrea (Turin, Italy), in 1981, in a city where art and architecture are very present. So it is logical she is one of the most relevant Italian artists in her country, known for her work in illustration, engraving, painting and animation. Her work has appeared in the pages of media such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, La Repubblica, Il Corriere or La Stampa, and has published for publishers such as Mondadori, Bompiani or Einaudi. She won two consecutive years (2017 and 2018) the Gold Medal of the prestigious American iIllustration magazine 3x3, in New York, and is a regular signature of international events such as Ilustrarte, Bologna Children's Book Fair or the Society of Illustrators. She has also made the animated short Dandelion (2017).

Her artistic style goes through a relaxed stroke that stops at contemporary scenes, with a powerful use of color and movement on clean backgrounds that increase the personality of the character she illustrates. Elisa Talentino's work is simple but daring, emotional and feminine, as delicate as the brush or pencil with which she transmits her states and emotions can be.