Adam Lister

Born in 1978, Adam Lister lives and works in Beacon, New York. He is a visual artist whose work consists of geometric interpretations of pop culture’s iconic images and references. Lister breaks down classic images and combines them with a minimalist, deconstructed aesthetic of pixelated graphics using watercolor or acrylic paint. The artist thus explores semantic terrains such as nostalgia or mathematics, approaching themes with a collective familiarity and reducing them to flat cubist-style compositions. They are paintings influenced by geometric thinking and the desire to capture the briefness of a still image.

The artist has collaborated with brands such as Reebok, Nickelodeon, Sergio Tacchini, New Balance or Diamond Supply Co., among others. He has also participated in fairs such as Art Fair Tokyo (Japan) or Taiwan Art Fair and exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and New York, among others. | @adamlisterstudio