'City dawns', an exhibition by Sr García on freedom and domestic refuge

This is the first virtual exhibition in Spain curated by Gunter Gallery. Sr. García is the artist invited to reflect on confinement and freedom, the need for communication and the domestic refuge. "I have counted each day, crossing the calendar with a red pencil one after another. I have seen how birds fly, sound, sing, breeze, sound, trees… since dawn with that same red color. No matter the hours, they marked the rhythm, with the numbers crossed out. One rhythm, and the luck of listening to them", explains the man who is the best contemporary collagist in Spain. These pieces, where the creator mixes different techniques, talks about brotherhood, open fields, humanity. An artwork that opens up a new creative path in Sr. García's career, closer to the contemporary and the pictorial.

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I have counted each day, crossing them in the calendar with the red pencil, one after another.

I have spent several months looking for birds, longing for freedom, believing in the other.

And this is the result: a creative way to get out of the months not cross out.

Time stood still, but nature paid tribute to its germ. It became free.

Second floor flat D

She, from her flat at the second floor to the right, has been following the clock that birds marked every day. Many days, weeks, even seasons. From winter to summer. Three seasons full of birds that have always dawned at her side. Tic, tac.

Sixth floor apartment A

How lucky is to live up there. Living in his attic he has been able to enjoy beautiful evenings accompanied by the clouds. That terrace has been the space where he has lived with his own nature, with his music (sometimes sad music), with his books and plants. Birds have flown with him and made him feel this good, day after day, until the spring passed. They haven't stopped singing.

Seventh floor flat C

Is it just a memory? That moment, all these moments, so many moments. So many minutes, hours, long days, giants. Life has not stopped and haunted him, every moment. He has lived, he has dreamed, birds have accompanied him.

First floor flat I. He has counted each day, crossing it on the calendar with the red pencil. He has seen how birds fly, sound, sing, breeze, sound, trees… since dawn and with that same red color. No matter the hours, they set the pace, with the numbers crossed out. A beat and the luck of listening to them.

Fifth floor 1º apartment. It has happened to her so many times, birds has been always so close. Between books, between dreams with long trips. Looking at that sky that changed its shapes, she was listening. So many days has passed. They have been such a good friends...

Eighth floor apartment D

She has smiled, even if nobody looked. She has not been alone. She liked to see the birds flying so close, almost above her head, and she smiled. She smiled and whistled from the bed, with the morning light streaming through the blinds. She was not alone during the wait.

Fifth floor flat B. The sofa has been her raft. The place for resting. A place to be with the stars, with the moon, the clouds, the rain, the first ray of sunlight. She has not been alone, she has spent hours with birds. Their music, day after day, has accompanied her.

Second floor exterior flat D. Any morning, looking at the park opposite. Any afternoon, with cold or with the return of heat. He hasn't stopped looking for birds. They helped and brought encouragement when he need them. Thanks for the nights, the sun and those voices among branches!

Fouth floor flat D

Paviment, traffic and noise have disappeared. The environment is different. Another day that ends, but tomorrow, as always walking on the sidewalk, looking east, birds will return. The brick wall in front has changed its color every morning, every afternoon. And they have been flying above it, with the clouds.

Tenth floor flat B

He likes to sleep alone in his space. But he hasn't been alone. From the last cold mornings until summer, birds have accompanied him. They dared to come to his window to perch and watch him. With a curious gesture, they looked at each other. Today is Sunday in the city.