Eight reasons why Jean Jullien is the best international illustrator of the decade

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He is the most important illustrator of the decade. His work is full of positive messages that go viral in minutes. Jean Jullien is an unique creator whose work has exhibit in museums around the world and holds a brand of clothing and objects. Gunter Gallery is the unique gallery that sells his graphic art series signed and numbered by him, but there are many other reasons that lead us to call him a genius of the XXI century.

Jean Jullien

  1. HIS CLEVER SENSE OF HUMOR. French illustrator’s work is full of irony and intelligence. He is a magician of the pencil that gets the spectator to think.
  1. THE VIRALITY OF HIS MESSAGES. When in November 2015 the city of Paris suffered one of its greatest terrorist attacks, his drawing of the symbol of peace with the Eiffel Tower inside was shared all around the world.
  1. HE USE INSTAGRAM AS A LOUDSPEAKER. With more than 1.2 million followers he is, currently, one of the artists with the largest number of fans in this social network.
  1. HE HOLDS HIS OWN CLOTHES COLLECTION. He has launched his own collection of clothing and decorative objects, NouNou, which sells out in seconds on the eastern market.
  1. HE HAS HIS OWN PARK. He inaugurated a sculpture park at Le Jardin des Plantes in Nantes (France), which was a milestone for an artist.

Jean Jullien

  1. HIS WORK IN MUSEUMS. His artworks have been exhibited in art centers around the world, such as the Museum of Contemporary art in Lyon (France), Le Center Pompidou in Paris (France) or the Mima Museum in Brussels (Belgium).
  1. THE MEDIA, SURRENDERED TO HIM. His drawings have appeared in the most important newspapers and magazines in the world: New York Times, New Yorker, The Guardian, National Geographic, Vogue ...
  1. BOOKS FOR EVERYONE. He has published monographic books for publishers around the world, including the Phaidon publishing house, which dedicated him a volume/object with the title: This is not a book.


Jean Jullien

* Gunter Gallery is the unique art gallery that sells Jean Jullien’s graphic art. Limited series signed by the French artist.

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