Huge exhibition for the fifth anniversary of Gunter Gallery

More than five years after Gunter Gallery broke into Internet, we now celebrate our anniversary with a huge exhibition in Madrid where you can see us face to face. It will be the biggest show we have held so far, with 32 artists and more than 90 artworks hung on the walls.


November 25-26

Calle Velarde, 14. Madrid (Metro Tribunal).
From 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., uninterrupted.
Free entry.


Signed and limited edition silk screens by artists such as Ricardo Cavolo, the French illustrator Jean Jullien or the Spanish Coco DávezMaría HerrerosPaula BonetCarla Fuentes and Mercedes Bellido, as well as the graphic work of urban artists such as BoaMisturaDouroneBtoyUriginal or Sr X can be seen during the event. Visitors can also see original artworks never exhibited before by artists such as David de las HerasPau Sanz i VilaSimmon Said and the still mentioned María Herreros or Mercedes Bellido.






These are the artists who participated:




Ricardo Cavolo
Jean Jullien
Carla Fuentes
Coco Dávez
Mercedes Bellido
María Herreros
Sr García
Pau Sanz i Vila
Iván Solbes
Henn Kim
Gonzalo Muiño
Andrés Jaque
Eugenio Merino
Chamo San
Sr. X


Simmon Said
Paula Bonet
Lourdes Villagómez
Silvia Prada
Aitor Saraiba
Santiago Morilla
David de las Heras
Marc Pallarès
Grimanesa Amorós
Jacinto de Manuel
Javier Jubera

    5th anniversary Gunter Gallery








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