Five ways to stop the empty wall syndrome or how to decorate your home with art


  1. SCREEN PRINTING: we have told you many times, having an artwork at home is not about money. We have limited edition pieces signed by young artists that will avoid your wall looks like a desert. Dress them with silkscreens!
  1. SYMMETRY: you should look for the symmetry of the pieces on the wall. Order gives you peace and security. We are not radical hygge decorators, but we know it helps to be happier. Getting up every morning and seeing nice things helps you smile.
  1. FLAT COLORS: combine the colors of the artworks that will be together on the wall. Flat colors are easier to combine. Take care that the white backgrounds harmonize and that the frames are similar.
  1. COMPOSITIONS: do not be afraid to make risky compositions, your personal taste is the most important. You can mix small and large artworks without fear, the important point is that they are harmonic. If you make groups of four , your wall will thank you.
  1. THE HEIGHTS: it does not matter if you live in a small apartment, choose small pieces of art you can hang one on top of another and they will give a sense of height, but look! try to make a triangular form, because the optimal illusion of infinite walls is greater.


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