Buy art in six steps

Gypsy heart by Ricardo Cavolo

1. Graphic artworks. If you want to start buying art, all art collectors beguin with silkscreens and engravings. These formats have more competitive prices and can be the bases of what will be your art collection.

2. Life and work of the artist. Find out who the artist is. Read his CV, that is, the number of individual exhibitions he has had, if he has artworks in museums or foundations, if other collectors are interested in him, his scholarships and awards .

3. The price is not essential. A high price doesn’t mean that you have done a good acquisition. Try not to buy on impulse and instead, reflect and find out earlier.

4. Size matters. An art gallery is not your house, so it is important to take measurements of the artwork to see if it comes into your living room. Take in consideration you'll probably live with it for many months.

5. Experts. Be advised by experts, in this case the gallery itself. Ask about the origin of the artwork, the materials it is made with, their advice before the purchase. Good experts do not want to sell at any cost.

6. The heart commands. The sensations you had when you saw the artwork for the first will be essential in the decision to buy it. Buy a piece is something that comes from the heart. Impulses are good, but restrained.

The artwork in the picture: 
'Gypsy heart' by Ricardo Cavolo.
Silk screen 4 inks on engraving handmade 320 g paper
Series of 50 units signed by the artist.

More information here.

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