The artist Carla Fuentes exposes her work as a painter for the first time

'Sitting people' is the title of the painting exhibition by the artist Carla Fuentes that has recently opened in the art gallery Herrero de Tejada in Madrid
. Only two common elements in all her works: people sitting. As she explains, "with this exhibition I wanted to make an homage to the classical portrait and especially to the figure portrayed. Figures, often anonymous, who have transcended throughout art history, becoming eternal through the artist's hand".

White backgrounds and black backgrounds framing a solid line of looks, movements, clothing and faces that moved us to an old time when there were no mobiles phones and selfies and when to have a selfportrait required time and technique.

The exhibition shows a hidden face of the artist who we knew under her alter ego, Littleisdrawing, focused on the illustration and her work for magazines and brands. This newfound part throws up a painter with a highly developed technique and a very personal and deep vision of human nature.

And for this first public exhibition she has surrounded by friends who described her artworks in this way. The writer Ana Luisa Ramirez explains, "Two elements: a seat, a character. (...) Before them you can feel as a observer, as a observed person and sometimes watching someone watching". The screenwriter Toni Garcia makes a plea for this pose "Seated people have the best view, the most interesting and the most daring". And finally, Mario Suarez, journalist and art curator, makes clear that "No matter how you do it. But do it. "Sit back and enjoy" as they say in the theater".

'Pina' por Carla Feuntes en 'Los sentados'     'Sentada con taza de café' por Carla Fuentes en 'Los sentados'    'Cooper' por Carla Fuentes en 'Los sentados'

WHAT?: Exhibition by Carla Fuentes (Littleisdrawing) ‘Sitting people’

WHERE?: Gallery Herrero de Tejada (C/ Hermosilla, 49. 28001. Madrid).

WHEN?: December 12th to January 28th.

'Jane' por Carla Fuentes   'Sentado con chaqueta de pana' por Carla Fuentes para 'Los sentados'

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