Collage comes back with the illustrator Sr García

 Street art_Sr Garcia

We are honored to announce a new artist in Gunter Gallery, Sr García, who has brought with him a new technique that we had not used until now and... we love it. Collage has arrived to our gallery with two beautiful series that mix up cutouts with silkscreen, Ciao and Destiny, and most importantly, he has taught us the wonders that can be done with imagination and scissors.

Sr Garcia, who comes from the world of advertising, decided to leave everything to output his fantastic universe, where he mixes up unrelated elements in an image, in one body, and thus transporting us to a world where everything is possible and where the laws of what "should be" do not exist, only of "anything is ok if I like how it looks". And the result is just perfect. His works do not lose the aesthetic sense and elegance that the combination of different forms and techniques give to them.

But Sr. Garcia does not come alone loaded with his scissors and his smile, he has also brought a new world that we can not stop talking about: the collage in the streets, mixing with traditional formats of the urban art. The result? Beautiful street interventions showing detail and using a technique that fits all areas. In this "urban" part of Sr García, he has a partner, Patricia Bolinches, both of them forms BYG. They are in charge of taking their work outside, where it can be seen in big size.

Their last work was in the Openwalls Conferences in Barcelona with their piece 'Migration', but they surprised us earlier in the Asphalt Festival in Zaragoza. This is what they did. Hopefully you would like it as much as we do.

 Asfalto festival by Sr Garcia       Asfalto Festical by Sr Garcia


Asfalto Festival by Sr García  Openwalls Conference Migracition by Sr García

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