Dourone’s women warriors arrive to Gunter Gallery

Women warriors - Dourone'Les Pétroleuses', women with character that one day rose up against injustice and today are illustrated by the urban artist Dourone for Gunter Gallery. With the first woman of this series, named 'France', comes to our gallery this creator, Fabio Lopez, one of the biggest names in international street art.

The artwork is a series of silkscreens in two colors, numbered and signed by the artist, which represents women who participated in May 1871 incidents during the Paris Commune. They were used as scapegoats in the bloody week ended with the burning of the City Hall of Paris. Dourone created this illustration during his stage in Paris and today sees the light in Gunter Gallery as a tribute to those all women who were accused of burning buildings with oil during those riots after the defeat of the imperial government of Napoleon III, in the Franco-Prussian War.

Dourone started with graffiti in 1999 in his hometown, Madrid (Spain), but soon learned that his career was going through all those countries where there were walls available, and so did. Now living in many places and none as he continues with his project 'Art for the people', a worldwide tour focuses on urban art, which always expresses his 'Sentipensante' style, contraction of the word 'feeling' and 'thinking', created by the Uruguayan writer and journalist Eduardo Galeano, who he admires.

His work is always evolving, because it starts from a specific event, a definite place with its own rationality each time. He has painted murals in Paris or Los Angeles, and confesses that his influences range from Moebiuos to Philippe Mohiltz. But he assures that nothing like a glass of wine for the emergence of ideas


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