Littleisdrawing (Carla Fuentes) brings an infinity pool to the center of Madrid

Kiehls Carla Fuentes Littleisdrawing Gunter Gallery

A splash of creativity.

Of humour.

Stereotyped characters. Madrid has a new beach in the center of the city.

The artist Carla Fuentes (Littleisdrawing) has designed for the cosmetics firm Kiehl's, an imaginary scene of sun, water and bathers, located a few steps from the Gran Via. Carla has intervened the entire front of the store on the street Fuencarral, 37 and part of the pavement, with an urban beach. All the creative imagination of the artist has been serving to the mythical firm whose origins date back to New York in 1851, and she has presented an artistic proposal which has worked with the classic icons of the house, from Mr Bones, the skeleton presiding all stores, to the Statue of Liberty.

Carla Fuentes, known to many as Littleisdrawing, is confirmed as the most contemporary and effective illustrator to capture the idiosyncrasies of classic companies, adding them her particular style, her 'ugliness illustrated' who makes thousands of followers acclaim her through social networks.

But Carla Fuentes, despite her youth, is also an international artist who has collaborated on international projects with artists such as Gary Baseman or Obey. She is a Gunter Gallery artist since our gallery creation, in 2012, with two artworks with her unequivocal style.

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