Spanish street art arrives to Italy

Btoy artwork

Two of the most relevant spanish street artists, Andrea Michaelsson aka Btoy and Uriginal, both of them from Barcelona and grafitty and stencil lovers, expose their work in Bargamo, Italy, in Traffic Gallery.

It is not the first time Btoy shows her work in this city, she did it before in 2011 and she achieved a great success. This is why she repeats again, this time together with Uriginal.

Her work is defined by FACE representations, specially women, using stencils and with a significant pop-art influence. This influence is shared with Uriginal, who portrays everyday scenes or even historical moments that mixes with cartoons or comic characters. Croatia, France, Italy or UK are some of the countries where their works can be found. But the are many more.You just have to be alert while you walk along the streets of any country around the World.

You can find Btoy or Uriginal works in our gallery.



Uriginal artwork at Italy  Btoy artwork at Italy

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