It is cool to have a book illustrated by the artist Ivan Solbes

“It is cool to be 5” and say swearwords, believe everything you hear, play with your cousins and laugh all time. But what is really cool is to have all of this in a book illustrated by the artist Ivan Solbes.

It´s cool to be five

His drawings move us to a period of our lifes where everything was brighter and colorful. The book was born from a proyect with the advertisment agency Revolution, which wanted to present it to clients as a commemoration of his 5 years of life. But after finish this stage, the book was born again as Ivan's personal proyect. It is a book made for adults but it has achieved to engage kids as well.

It´s cool to be five

A great experience to backdate in time along its 72 pages. And how to climb to trees was one of the most cool things when we were 5, we want you to remember it with the silkscreen with the same name It is cool to be 5”. Enjoy! 

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