Fortune to have Grimanesa Amorós

 Grimanesa Amorós at Tabacalera Madrid, Fortuna

"Fortuna" –Fortune-is the name given to the light sculpture made by Grimanesa Amorós for Tabacalera Art Center in Madrid. She chose “Fortuna” because it is the name of the tobacco made there and also for the fate that was to know the factory when it was not a museum, to fall in love with the space and to have the opportunity to exhibit her work there.

The sculptures of the Peruvian artist have two constant elements: the importance of light and the social element all of them transmit. The wires or tubes fill with leds are like veins that comunícate with each other and form a final shape, the body. The inspiration here comes from the tobacco, one of the most recognized socializing elements in many societies.

This is the first time that the Peruvian artist living in New York exhibited her work in Spain and you can enjoy it in two ways: visiting her pieze in Tabacalera or buy some prints made by Gunter Gallery. These are 4 self-portraits that reflect a very particular view of herself and where she reflects to put on paper her love for light and the changing moods it provokes.

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