Ricardo Cavolo and his murals for Urban Outfitters

Ricardo Cavolo for urban Outfitters London

The international expansion of Ricardo Cavolo’s work is increasing. He has done a mural for the international fashion firm Urban Outfitters. First was the Covent Garden store in London, then Paris, and these days he just finished a work in Cologne (Germany). We can see again his tattooed creatures, his circus images and his simple colors mixed to provide a work in large format that we know so well. Cavolo has become one of the most demanded Spanish artists by brands and companies around the world.

Ricardo Cavolo is one of the first artists who joined Gunter Gallery with two serigraphs, 'Anatoli' and 'Life Hand', which have become the best sellers in our gallery. Very soon we will show his new work in printmaking, much more iconic and with a very attractive price. Very interesting for all Cavolo’s lovers.

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