Who does Ricardo Cavolo love?

Mural by the artist Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo presents his new silk screen for Gunter Gallery, Firing Eyed Heart, while his first solo exhibition in London is taking place. He answers, fast and talkative, this questionnaire.

Where do you live? Brighton, UK.

What is your shoe size? 10/11

How many tattoos do you have in your body? I lost count, more than 30.

What music do you listen in the morning? Hank Williams.

Food that makes you salivate is... T-bone steak.

The painter with whom you dream. Any anonymous outsider artist.

Square meters of your home. 80

Your last holiday was... Transylvania.

Who does Ricardo Cavolo love? My family (in the broadest sense of the word).

How many sneakers do you have? About 10 pairs.

And glasses? I have six glasses, all of different brands.

How many liters of beer do you consume per week? About 4 liters.

New silk screen of Ricardo Cavolo. Firing Eyed Heart

Other artworks by Ricardo Cavolo in Gunter Gallery here.

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