Who does Ivan Solbes love?

 Portrait of Iván Solbes

Where do you live? Madrid.

What is your shoe size? 8,5/9,5

How many tattoos do you have in your body? None.

What music do you listen in the morning? Music that I do not
know why sounds like "early-morning music" and can not be
heard later in the day. An example:

Food that makes you salivate is Paella, arroz a banda, black
rice, baked rice or any of the thousand rice varieties.

The painter with whom you dream. Paul Gauguin.

Square meters of your home. 56

Your last holiday was… Cabo de Gata, Almería.

Who does Ricardo Cavolo love? Psychologist’s question. To his family and himself sometimes.

How many sneakers do you have? Two pairs of All Star canvas shoe, no boot. Colors dark blue and light green. My sports raids fail much further.

How many printed shirts do you have? Many and very nice. Ivan Solbes always dresses lovely and elegant printed shirts.

Unemployment is ... The cancer of our society, the contempt of a precious human capital, the greed of a few.

Would you like to be 5 years again? Maybe to reproduced particular mental processes, creativity and so on. It has been hard to go out of that age, so in general, no, I would not like to come back again.

How many liters of beer do you consume per week? More than you but less than Mario Vaquerizo.

Ivan Solbes' prints you can find in Gunter here.

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