Art in albums’ covers

Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground. Vinyl

When we buy a vinyl or a CD we don’t only pay attention to music that,  although it is essential, is only one of the parts of that precious object. The first thing that catches our attention and so we would be able to recognize the vinyl along the time, is the cover. Who has not recorded in memory the covers of their favorite albums? Many times we do not remember the title, but we can not forget the image that makes us anticipate the good moments we spend listening to the music that’s inside.




Illustrators, urban artists … have taken to this new way of translating their work, reach a different audience and raise the vinyl to the category of piece of art,

These are examples of album covers of some of the GUNTER’s artists and other legendary bands and artists.


Carlos Santana, Corazón, Boamistura. 2014 
Carlos Santana, cover of the vinyl Corazón, Boamistura. 
Polock, Risin Up, Littleisdrawing. 2014
Polock, cover of the vinyl Risin Up, Littleisdrawing
Nacho Vegas, Actores poco memorables, Aitor Saraiba.  2013
Nacho Vegas, cover of the vinyl Actores poco memorables, Aitor Saraiba
Recopilación de grupos madrileños, Madrid está helado, La Fonoteca, Ricardo Cavolo. 2012.
Recopilación de grupos madrileños, Madrid está helado, La Fonoteca, Ricardo Cavolo
Gran Derby Records, Las Robertas/La Reina republicana, Ricardo Cavolo. 2011
Gran Derby Records, Las Robertas/La Reina republicana, Ricardo Cavolo
Polock, Getting down from the trees, Littleisdrawing. 2010
Polock, Getting down from the trees, Littleisdrawing
Depedro, Nubes de papel, Santiago Morilla. 2010
Depedro, Nubes de papel, Santiago Morilla
The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground and Nico, Andy Warhol. 1967
The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground and Nico, Andy Warhol.
Sonic Youth, Goo, Raymond Pettibon. 1990
Sonic Youth, Goo, Raymond Pettibon
Pink Floid, The dark side of the moon, Storm Thorgerson. 1973
Pink Floid, The dark side of the moon, Storm Thorgerson
The Mars Volta,  De-Loused in the Comatorium,  Storm Thorgerson. 2003
The Mars Volta,  De-Loused in the Comatorium,  Storm Thorgerson
Yes, Relayer, Roger Dean. 1974
Yes, Relayer, Roger Dean

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