Pencil, paper and scissors, the personal world of Sr. Garcia

Sr Garcia Picture

The best artist of collage in Spain has a name of an illustrious gentleman. Sr. Garcia has a large number of fans, including us. With his scissors and his creativity, has published in media such as Corriere della Sera, Diario Sur, El País Semanal, Cambio 16, Esquire, Libero or Expansión. He has edited several books and his work has been exhibited individually and collectively from Madrid to New York. Gunter Gallery have two of his works, in limited and signed edition, and as they were made, using paper and scissors, one by one by the artist, each piece is unique. This is his world, which goes beyond the cut and the glue.

Name: Sr. Garcia.
He lives in: Madrid
When did you start to make collage? In the spring of 2002.
How do you remove the glue in your hands after making collage? I don’t clean them.
How many scissors do you have at home? I've lost count. But I still accepting donations (you can call them gifts).
Your shoe size is: 9 and a half.
Do you have any tattoos? No.
In the morning you listen: the noise of an Italian coffee maker.
Food that makes you salivate: the kokotxas.
The painter you dream with: Magritte.
How many square meters has your house? I've never known, It always seems small.
Last holidays: A long time ago. Krakow.
Who loves Mr. Garcia? My record collection, even when it is not big.
An artist of the twentieth century you would go out for a drink: I would go with Cortázar and Brossa together.

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