The fortune princesses by Ricardo Cavolo

They are sturdy, sexy and powerful women. The artist Ricardo Cavolo has painted on numerous occasions princesses and queens, women from his imaginary circus, warriors-women in the Balkans and legendary goddesses. The last to arrive is Yeraz, a princess who lives in a primitive and magical world.

Ricardo Cavolo's princess

Yeraz is an Armenian princess, according to the artist, "she represents the surreal world of dreams; she is a magical dream full of what is primitive in human and animal being, with a tradition of centuries; Yeraz is the princess who pushes our minds into the unknown, into the dreams and the subconscious, which is what governs our minds".

Yeraz by Ricardo Cavolo

With this artwork, the artist confirms his intrinsic relationship with the Balkan universe, with the gypsy traditions and the supernatural seen from the ancestors. But Yeraz also means a link between cultures across the oceans. Ricardo Cavolo has always been identified with Mexican culture, with the color and symbolism of Central America, being Frida Kahlo one of the characteristic figures of the Spanish illustrator. But Yeraz found something else, a plastic and semantic link between two cultures is established: Balkans and Mexico. Both are in the universality of his work, which makes Ricardo a world leader in illustration and drawing.

Yeraz has been brought to the silk screen technique by Gunter Gallery in a limited edition of 40 units, all signed and numbered by Ricardo Cavolo.



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