Royal Bliss chooses Álex de Marcos, María Herreros, Sr García and Toni Ferrer for its 2020 campaign

Posted by Marta Fernández on

Álex de Marcos, María Herreros, Sr García and Toni Ferrer, four artists from Gunter Gallery, participated in one of the most creative and dynamic 2020’s campaigns. They were invited to live a transformative experience together with several mixologists, to translate their entire creative universe into a powerful mix. The four artists took part in different actions with the brand, from cocktail workshops to immersive experiences which resulted in a common artwork, which later had a development in social media, videos and an exhibition at the Art Madrid fair. In addition, each of the four artists created an unique artwork (canvas), inspired by the Royal Bliss universe, which are now part of the company's art collection.

Álex de Marcos

 María Herreros

Sr Garcia

Toni Ferrer

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