Illustrator Pau Sanz i Vila designs a glass for Schweppes Pink in a 'pink' summer

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Pau Sanz i Vila designed in the summer of 2020 for the Schweppes Pink brand a fun glass that was used within its 'Párate a vivir' campaign. With Gunter Gallery, the illustrator created a composition of various summer scenes using just three colors: yellow, pink and black. This illustration later went on to be stamped on the glasses and communicated in the press and Social Networks. "I worked on the illustration that today appears in Schweppes' glass just at the moment when we were able to start going outside, little by little, to the outside. I remember that I stayed at home, I wanted to take the opportunity to continue advancing with the tranquility of the previous days , but through the window I saw my neighbors doing sports, a bar terrace that was beginning to have its customers and life back, a lot of life in the same streets that days before had been filled with a silence that I had never known in my city", says Sanz i Vila. The action was completed with a series of posts and stories on the artist's Instagram profile.
Learn more about the work of Pau Sanz i Vila by clicking here.

Pau Sanz i Vila

Sanz i Vila Schweppes

Sanz i Vila Schweppes



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