Gunter Gallery curated an exhibition on art and food at home with Just Eat, in Madrid and Barcelona

Gunter Gallery

Just Eat, the leading food delivery platform, organized, in November 2021, by Gunter Gallery the exhibition 'Art & Delivery' in Madrid and Barcelona, the first art show dedicated to food delivery in Spain, in the that seven artists reflect on the gastronomies preferred by the Spanish to taste at home: Ricardo Cavolo, Ana Jarén, Álex de Marcos, Simmon Said, María Herreros, Nuria Toll and Dios de los Tres. Mario Suárez, art curator and co-director of Gunter Gallery, explains that “this exhibition talks about how delivery has changed not only our habits, but also that it can represent a change in the way art he approaches the food”.

The seven artists have each chosen a type of home delivery food from a different country and have represented it brilliantly with their personal pictorial style. They have valued the importance of this home delivery service that we all consume and it makes life so easy for us today. Now, in addition, there will also be art to accompany us when we pick up a fork and a knife at home.

Gunter Gallery Just Eat

'Come, feel, dance' by Ana Jarén, is an ode to the enjoyment of some friends and the desire to recover tradition and gastronomy with the flavor of home.

'Mana Wahine', by María Herreros, is not only a tribute to Hawaiian gastronomy - increasingly popular in Spain, especially at home - it is also an applause to the women of this island; in fact, her title means "powerful woman."

'Marsha and Sylvia' by Ricardo Cavolo, deals with how American food goes beyond the purely gastronomic, it is a cultural claim linked to the history of the country, its people and its customs.

Ricardo Cavolo

'Námaste', by Dios de los Tres, shows how Indian culture is in the imagination of this artist and all the power of tonalities and aromas is present in his work: color, flavors, music, mythology and decoration from India always remain present.

'Immersion in spaghetti', by Álex de Marcos, shows us Italy as the great inspiration of the artist, not only in architecture, as can be seen in this work, but also in his strong gastronomy.

'I love ramen', by Simmon Said, brings us closer to one of the artist's favorite countries, Japan: in this piece he has sought to recreate a walk through the streets of one of the cities he likes the most or a walk among neon signs, posters restaurant giants and food advertisements everywhere.

'Entre sabores' by Nuria Toll, shows us spicy and Mexican food as a whole: its power, its aromas and its intensity are inspiring. For the artist, this type of gastronomy is also quite an experience. This work is an invitation to enjoy the flavor of Mexico without leaving home.

Gunter Gallery x Just Eat

After both exhibitions, the works became part of Just Eat's private art collection.

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