Sanz i Vila

A good day to dissapear

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€19.95 EUR

Who has ever thought about erasing himself from the map for a while and rediscovering himself? This is what the main character of A Good Day to Disappear does. This book is a travel diary in the style of the old explorers, reinterpreted through the pop filter of Sanz i Vila. In this fable, in constant balance between the real and the fictional, between imagination, surrealism and historical references, the author embarks on a magical journey through a mysterious tricolor ring that will transport him from the cave of Chauvet to Albarracín, passing for the Egyptian pyramids, the Congo jungle and Easter Island, among other fascinating scenarios. This rugged journey will lead him to rethink the meaning of art and to fully face the ambivalence of the human soul.

Author: Sanz i Vila

Illustrator: Sanz i Vila

Editorial: Lunwerg

(Language: Spanish)

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