Carla Fuentes

Eminent Connections

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€19.95 EUR

Everything is connected in this book: so much so that we can read it from the beginning to the end or from the end to the beginning, as we please.

Fuentes has selected the characters, places or objects from the culture of the last most significant centuries and has created a curious game relating anecdotes and crossing references. Through the development of the plot, made with grace and sensitivity by the autor, you could find mythical figures such as Rita Hayworth, Kate Moss, Dalí, Oasis, or evocative places like New York, Paris or Morocco.

All this through the shimmering visual language of one of the most recognized artists in the current illustration. A personal atlas of culture in which the drawing is the main character.

Author: Carla Fuentes

Illustrator: Carla Fuentes

Editorial: Lunwerg

(Language: Spanish)

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