Ricardo Cavolo

Gipsy heart

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€120.00 EUR


This artwork has a soundtrack, 'Karmen with a happy end' of Goran Bregovic. And with this song, classic version of Bizet, we reach the eternal defense that the illustrator Ricardo Cavolo makes to the world of the Gypsies. Calé universe is within each icon in this handkerchief adapted to silk screen and in limited edition. Gypsies, their music and their passion… this artwork is a plea to race and all that it implies, to reach the winding life of a hypothetical contemporary Carmen, who Cavolo revisits in this colorful silk screen.

Silk screen 4 inks  on engraving handmade 320 g paper.

Size: 36 x 36 cm. 

Series of 50 units signed by the artist.

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Cavolo signing his artwork Cavolo signing his artwork

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