Ricardo Cavolo

Rick & Morty

| Illustrators | Original Artworks | Ricardo Cavolo |

€845.00 EUR


A hero is a hero because they have to fight against their own demons and ghosts, like everybody else. And after that they are still able to save the world or change the fate of humankind. 

Each character from this exhibition was and still are heroes of my inner kid. I love them, I respect them and I wanted to show my love to them. 

Everybody knows about their public facet: powerful, strong, fearless and saving the world everyday. 

But I wanted to present them without masks, the actual persons dealing with personal demons. So we can understand they are even more powerful, stronger and braver. 

Here you are the actual heroes. 


Rick is a genius. He is. And Morty is just a regular kid with a psycho and extremely gifted grandfather. It’s true he is living amazing adventures and discovering things most of the people won’t never know about. 

But Rick is alcoholic, and that’s gonna end his life, but it is also creating dozens of traumas to Rick. 

Technique: acrilic on canvas.

Size: 30 x 30 cm

Signed by the artist.

**The artworks will be delivered after the artist's exhibition in Madrid, that will take place the days November 30 and  December 1.

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