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'Ciao' is a word in two directions. It's like saying hello and goodbye. And that's what Sr. García wants to tell with this work, a mix between silkscreen and collage, something not so common in the art world. For the artist "Ciao is hello, to say good morning, is a nice way to introduce yourself, to start a conversation, to enter through a door, to strike up a friendship." In this artwork the universe and the poetry of one of the most important artists of the collage in Spain are present. From the delicacy of its positive message to the knowledge of how to handle scissors and glue, this work, a series signed by the author, is itself a unique artwork. Each of them has been manually built by Sr. García. They are not only silkscreens, they are unique works.

Silk screen 2 inks and collage on Bristol 640 g paper.

Size: 30 x 30 cm. 

Series of 25 unidades sign by the artist.  

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Sr García and his artwork Sr Garcia signing his artwork

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