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Supreme Harmony.

This artwork is a reproduction of a mural that BoaMistura made in Nantou, the old walled city of Shenzhen (China) in winter of 2017. Inspired by a small book of Chinese tales, they came across a beautiful and inspiring story: Judge Eyes without time. Water, wood, air, fire and earth are the Five Pillars of the Cosmos. All of them must speak with one voice. The voice of fire is wood’s voice that feeds it, and water’s voice that extinguishes it, and air’s voice that fuels it, and earth’s voice that sustains it. ”The five elements held hands and concluded with a single voice that sounded to crackle. From embers, to the murmur of fountains, to the sound of forests, to the moan of breezes and the majesty of mountains: - How can it be a representative of heaven who constantly breaks the harmony of the Universe? - There is no thing more sacred than balance. On it depends concord and life”. Lion protects houses and drives away evil spirits. Crane represents longevity and immortality, fish abundance, tree of life and the Phoenix, essence of fire, the balance between the opposing forces. Each of them embodies a Principle; the earth, the air, the water, the wood and the fire, the Five Pillars of the cosmos.

Silk screen 1 ink on Zerkall Butten Color 225g paper.

Size: 64 x 48 cm

Series of 35 units signed by the artists.

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