Santiago Morilla

The End

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€180.00 EUR


Accumulated backsides, tails, ears, and legs, all over each other. This is one of the most fleshy and viceral pieces of the artist Santiago Morilla, inspired from a modern cavern of the greek myth of Polyphemus. In his own words "we'll put up with the heavy sheep's camouflage which will help us, maybe, to trick the capitalist cyclops which devours us peacefully at his all-over wall; we know that collectively we are stronger; 'nobody' is, Ulysses already knew it, but today we still haven't resigned ourselves to our ornamental future en the powerful social cavern, as mere food for the beast”. This work speaks of collective enduance, of baroque wealth, and soothed power. A small and profuse story of cyclops.

Silk screen 1 ink on Canson Edition 320g paper.

Size: 70 x 50 cm. 

Series of  35 units signed by the artist.

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Sheep drawing performance. Alaró, Malloca (Spain). March 2013

FIN (The End) from santiago morilla on Vimeo.

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