Amber Vittoria: imperfect women who belong to art

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Ugliness is the artistic trend that aesthetically values ​​the ugly. There are those who, in addition to claiming it, transform it into an artwork. It was done by Francis Bacon, El Bosco within Garden of Earthly Delights, also Diane Arbus with her photographs, or even Munch in The Scream. Ugliness is a truly style today, imperfection is powerful and attractive to artists. Gunter Gallery has several artists who work on this trend: María Herreros, Carla Fuentes and the latest incorporation, the American Amber Vittoria.

The work of Amber Vittoria, pushing the physical features of women to the limit, with long limbs and rounded shapes, is one of the best named and recognizable in the United States’ illustration. Chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the most important artists under 30 of the year, 30 Under 30, her work focuses on the femininity and silhouette of women, but also on the semantics of color.

 Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria

Vittoria populates her work with imperfect women, deformed, but who, at the same time, are tremendously beautiful. As well as Niki de Saint Phalle did with her deformed beings in sculptures, this illustrator is drawing ugliness to the symbolic, consciously adorning it with powerful and tremendously sensual color ranges.

Amber Vittoria has arrived with A Present to Gunter Gallery, an artwork that includes all the usual elements of the New York creator's work, from femininity out of the norm to color and line as a vehicle for the message. “It speaks to the struggle the artist can have with getting lost in the ideas of the future or of the past, instead of focusing on the present. It aims to be a reminder to embrace and enjoy the moment "says the artist. A positive message from one of the best illustrators of the last decade in the United States.

Amber Vittoria

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